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Having a property of your own in the National Capital Region is almost impossible for the middle-class person. Prices of the property are increasing day by day, making it almost impossible for the people to buy their own land. Breaking all the barriers Antriksh India has come up with the Homeland Project to provide affordable plots to the people. These plots are secured by the closed gated security. Now, people can buy a piece of land and construct their dream home as per their needs and requirements. Below are the benefits of owing independent houses:

• In your own land, you can construct your house as you want. Different segments can be created, which will include gardens, lawn, garage and a lot more.

• In sky-rocketing prices of the property, you can live in your own space.

• You can design and create your own architecture, your comfort will be your priority and there is no restriction of living in a limited area. You can build open space houses or even a bungalow.

• If you have a joint family then you can construct your home accordingly. People of different ages will adapt easily to the construction built by your own choice.

• The Floor Area Ratio provided by the project Homeland is high. You can build a bungalow to a multi-story building as per the rules of the government.

• You can spend your money as per your budget; you are your own architect.

• Delhi Development Authority land pooling policy approved plots will grow up at an exponential rate, which means if your sale your plot in near future you will enjoy the great benefit from it.

• The closed gated community provides a secure environment for your family members.

• You can enjoy the benefits of the freehold property which means you can sale your floors to other people, thus enjoying more benefits of the project.

• Location of the project is L Zone Dwarka which is going to be the first smart city zone for the Delhi NCR. You can be the resident of the first smart city project by the government.

• You can use your land as per your requirement and whenever you want. There is no time period or expiry of the land.

• Circle rate of the pooling zones is increasing at a rapid rate. It was 53 lakh per acres the previous year now it has reached up to 3.5 crores per acre. And they are increasing day by day. This is the best benefit for you in buying property in the LPP Zones will be a great benefit.

• It is the prime time to invest in this project as a plot is available at affordable rates. A middle-class person can buy and build a dream home on their property.

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